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On October 3rd, 2009, Phil, my wonderful boyfriend of three years, proposed! 

We were in Stratford, Ontario.  We had gone to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream and then to dinner at Pazzo, a fabulous pizzaria.  Then, we walked down to the Shakespeare Garden.  It’s right downtown on Huron, I believe.  We walked through the garden and admired the beautiful flowers still in bloom.  Phil kept stopping and kept asking me if I was okay.  I was nervous, but I just told him that I was cold.  He had been asking to come here all day, and I thought that he might possibly pop the question.  We crossed the bridge over to the island and stopped to look at the waterfall just up the river from us.  Then, he turned to me and took both of my hands.  He knelt as he pulled a beautiful diamond ring from his pocket and asked me to marry him.

I nearly fell over.  Even though I had thought that it might happen, I was still so surprised and happy!  I gasped and cried…I was almost hyperventilating.  But then I said “yes” and hugged him…and “yes” and hugged him…

Finally he asked if he could put the ring on.  Nearly two years ago, he gave me a promise right that I’ve worn on my right hand.  It’s beautiful–a black pearl and a small diamond on a white gold band.  So, when he went to put the engagement ring on, he started to replace the promise ring with it.  I stopped him and said, “That’s the wrong hand.” 

With the ring safely in place, I finally looked at it.  It was gorgeous…too beautiful to describe.  Two smaller diamonds and a larger diamond set diagonally on a white gold band.  We then made our way back up to the mainland.  I dried my eyes as he asked a man standing nearby to take our picture.

Just after he proposed
Just after he proposed

Then, we walked to a cafe so that Phil could tell me all about the process of finding the ring and deciding when/where/how to ask me.

We finally set out for home, and the three hour drive was just a little too long for my best friend Kayla.  She texted me asking “Are you in the U.S. yet?”  I told her that I would call her as soon as we crossed the border.  She was pretty sure that he was going to ask, but she wanted to so much to hear the details.

Phone calls started as soon as we crossed the border and lasted the remainder of the drive.

It’s still unbelievable…but I’m so excited to be getting married.  We’re hoping for June!

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