Picking It Up Again

With the madness associated with the holiday season behind us, Phil and I are again able to take up our wedding planning.  Even during the holidays, we worked and discussed…and of course, every relative has their two cents to add (most of it was helpful though!).   But over the past month and a half, I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing.  In spite of circulating rumors (most started by Phil and me…but not intentionally), the date has been set.  The question is, have you heard the correct date?  Probably not because we’ve had to change it a few times.  But I’m not giving any further details until I’ve reserved both church and hall.  We’re very close (finally!) and hope to have the official news in another week.

So what has caused so many changes and taken so long?  Well, first, there was a change of church.  We finally decided that our home church The Rock in Fenton would be the location for the ceremony.  But, the fellowship hall is small, and we hoped for something nicer.  So we visited a hall in Fenton–nice, few rules, relatively inexpensive.  Then the date changed due to a mission trip at our church.  Back to the drawing board.  We then looked into the Coyote Preserve, a beautiful golf course restaurant.  We loved it.  But a location this fantastic comes with its price, and we soon came to terms with the fact that we could not afford it.  So we returned again to The Rock.  Could we make it work?  Maybe? Somehow?  Guest list cutting followed which was frustrating.  Finally, Lynn (my hero!) offered her insight.  Fenton United Methodist Church has a nice hall.  Perhaps you should look into it.

We did today.  It’s a beautiful facility.  Although it’s really just a carpeted gym, it’s big and very nice.  It’s even available on the date we want.  The only question is how we will handle the catering.  So, my awesome mom is going to crunch some numbers while I hope for the best.

So, fear not….the announcement is near at hand.

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