From the Honeymooners (Lauren)

The wedding is over, and pictures will be coming soon.  I’ve begun to settle into the apartment and organize our lives.  Now, here we are on our honeymoon!  It’s truly unbelievable that it’s all over now.  Just over a week, we said our vows…but it felt like it was over before I even knew what was going on.  Now, we’re honeymooning???  Amazing.

The resort is…interesting.  Definitely beautiful, but the people are…well, resort people.  And needless to say, Phil and I don’t exactly fit in.  We’re totally ok with that…it’s mostly just rather amusing.  When we checked in, we agreed to view a model and ”fill out a survey” in exchange for free lunch and $100 in gift cards.  Of course, this so-called survey was a 90-minute sales pitch trying to sell us a timeshare.  We smiled, nodded, listened attentively…and told them “No thanks.”  Lucky for us, the saleswoman was far more interested in going to the lake than actually selling us a timeshare. 

But it’s certainly not all bad.  Our suite has a full kitchen, a bathroom as big as our living room, a whirlpool tub in the bedroom (which strikes me as an odd place for it, but I’m not complaining), and a comfortable living/dining area with fireplace.  This place is bigger than our apartment.  There’s also the indoor and outdoor pools and the gorgeous surroundings—the Berkshires of Massachusetts. 

When we arrived, we received an overview of the resorts features as well as a quick rundown of events for the week.  Our plans don’t include any of these events, and Phil and I both feel that we’ll be reasonably comfortable as long as we avoid everyone else.  Resort people are an interesting bunch.  Sun “tanned” skin (that looks a little bit crispy), obvious cosmetic enhancements, polos and khaki shorts, and occasionally the under-sized speedo on the over-sized man…*gouges out eyes*

A couple of interesting moments to share:

When we first arrived, we checked in and then waited for our room to be ready because we were about an hour early.  We sat down on a couch in the lobby and browsed through the information that the concierge had provided.  Across from us, a deeply tanned older woman sat down to wait as well.  Her scowl was terrifying.  At a guest services desk nearby, three employees gushed over an elderly woman’s unusual beach wear (flowing white pants and shirt, oversized black hat, and sandals).  Their sickeningly sweet praises were somewhat nauseating.  The elderly woman left, and Phil leaned over and whispered, “Now they’re making fun of her.”

I truly am loving it…not only because we’re in a beautiful place together enjoying a relaxing vacation…but also because we can revel in our poverty.  We’re not really resort people.  We’re more like backpack-through-Europe people…but we’ll enjoy this while it’s here.  Special thanks to Michelle for giving us a better honeymoon than we could have ever dreamed of.

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