Back to the Real World

So after a beautiful, relaxing honeymoon in Massachusetts, we have returned home to settle into the reality that is our daily lives.  A reality that unfortunately consists of working opposite shifts, struggling to assemble furniture at midnight, and working to organize our new home.  Everything is just a mess, and it’s driving me crazy.  The air doesn’t work very well, making the apartment a toasty 80 degrees all day long.  I did manage to orient our TV antenna in such a way so as to pick up a majority of the local stations, and we can always enjoy watching a movie together.

In spite of the little difficulties, we’re doing well…and we’re even happy.  Every day is an adventure of balancing housework, work, quality time, and sanity.  But I’m finally living with the man I love.  What could be better?  I still feel like I’m waiting for something…I don’t know what.  The wedding is over.  We’re back from the honeymoon.  Life has officially begun.  Perhaps I’m just waiting to have everything put away so that I finally feel at home.  Who knows?

I’m loving married life.  It’s truly amazing, and I am truly blessed.

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