Creepy Crawlers

I hate bugs….but the more legs, the worse it is.  Flies are not wonderful, bees are worse, spiders worse still…but what tops the list of grossness?  Centipedes…no question.  Their oh-so-grossness is more than I can bear.

So, what type of bug has decided to creep all over our apartment?  Centipedes.

See how gross that is?????  So, while my darling love is whispering sweet nothings before I leave this morning, he glances over my shoulder….which draws my attention to something similar to the monstrosity pictured above.  I of course take the reasonable course of action and run across the room away from it.  My knight in shining armour goes to kitchen to get paper towel to kill it.  While he’s gone, the little bugger scampers away and hides.  Although Phil eventually tracked him down, he was only able to kill part of him.  That’s the bad thing about having 100 legs…if you lose a few, you can still get away.  (I guess it’s a good thing for the centipede, but a bad thing from my perspective.)

You haven’t long to live, Centipede….use your last hours wisely because the vacuum cleaner don’t play.

3 thoughts on “Creepy Crawlers

  1. Oh Lauren…Those aren’t just plain ol’ centipedes… Those are silverfish…So much scarier… I hate the way they wiggle! EW!

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