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Beautifully Boring

There are definitely bad weeks…weeks where centipedes invade your apartment, both cars break down, and money’s tight.  There are weeks when the most time you spend together is a couple minutes at breakfast and a few words before you collapse, exhausted, into bed.  There are weeks when you’re both around, but you’re stressed out anyway.

And then there are weekends.  And some weekends take after the weeks they follow…they prevent relaxation, require work, and force you to suck it up until Thanksgiving.  But some weekends….some weekends just go well.

This weekend was amazing.  Saturday was a little busy and stressful, but it ended well.  Sunday was absolutely fantastic.  We had a good morning at church and a nice nap after church.  Then, Phil went into work for a while.  I headed to Kroger to pick up the few groceries we needed.  Armed with coupons, a sale ad, and a list, I set out to save money…and save I did!  My total came to $21.28, meaning that I saved $25.92!  I saved 55% on my shopping bill!  In my mind, it’s basically a miracle.

I returned home to cook a delicious stir-fry, grilled teriyaki salmon, and crab rangoons…..and it was fantastic!  Finally, we relaxed for the evening on the couch and watched a Sherlock Holmes show and CSI: Miami.

I can’t believe how incredibly happy and relaxed I feel after just one simple evening together.  It was amazing.  Although we’re back to work today, I still feel pretty good.  If only every weekend could be so boring…

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