Deliciousness – The Beginning of Holiday Foods

Thanksgiving is always an exciting time of year for me.  I love food…and I love the warm, happy feeling of spending time with family that I don’t see often enough.  But mostly, I love food.  So, piling up a plate with my favorite holiday fixins is why I love Thanksgiving.  There’s no pressure with gifts or anything like that…it’s just a time to be thankful for food….and other things as well.

What’s even better is that the day after Thanksgiving, the infamous Black Friday, is the first day of the Christmas season.  Although I haven’t gotten to do much decorating yet, I’m definitely getting prepared to go crazy as soon as I have a free moment.  I’ve begun my work on paper mache ornaments, and I have some ideas for better designs.  I bought a cute Christmasy welcome mat for our front door.  I’ve also started experimenting for the delicious candies that I plan on making this year.

Last night’s experiment was peppermint bark, one of my favorites.  I decided that I wanted to attempt Ghirardelli-style quality by layering dark chocolate and white chocolate.  The result was moderately successful I’d say.  The mistake was sprinkling larger chunks of crunched up candy canes on top.  This was a problem for two reasons:

1.  Biting a candy cane can cause serious damage (and pain!) to your teeth.

2.  Breaking the bark into pieces became a severely messy endeavor as chunks of candy cane flew everywhere.

All in all though, the experiment of layering was a (delicious) success, and I will be adding this to my list of Christmas candies to make.  I have a rather long list of candies I hope to try…some might have to wait until Christmas actually comes.

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