Awards, Cords, and Carrots

This December, along with Christmas and six months of marriage, I will be celebrating my graduation.  I’m delighted…I’m a little sad to see my college years (at least the undergraduate ones) come to an end, but I’m excited to be done at the same time.  On Tuesday night, my husband and I attended the honors ceremony for my college.  I was being honored and receiving my graduation cords during the ceremony.  When we arrived, Phil was excited to see munchies (despite the fact that we’d just eaten most of a pizza).  He was quick to fill up a plate with celery, carrots, cheese cubes, and the like.  However, he was not quick enough to finish his food before the opening remarks began.

The ceremony was taking place in just a normal meeting/banquet room on campus…no big fancy auditorium or anything.  I glanced over at Phil and noticed that he was eating a piece of celery…..very slowly.  He was trying to crunch as little as possible, but for the person sitting right next to him (me), it sounded a lot more like constant crunching as he carefully bit through each little part of the celery stick.  Fantastic.  I could have smacked him!  I tried to focus on what the dean was saying, but all I could hear was crunch crunch crunch.

Fortunately, he soon finished his celery and moved on to the carrots…which were surprisingly quieter than the celery sticks.  Next time, no snacks….

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