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Let It Snow

The past week or so has been absolutely insane.  Parties, homework, stress, cleaning, reading, writing, stress, baking, cooking, stress.  Last Monday night, Phil had an assignment due at midnight.  Since we don’t have internet, we had to venture out to the only 24-hour hotspot–Canada’s favorite Tim Hortons.  So, as we settled in with our mochas and donuts, Phil continued to work on his homework.  We ended up being at Timmy’s until 2:30 (and I’m a in-bed-by-11 kind of girl).  Needless to say, this severe lack of sleep led to a rather grumpy wife the next morning.  Phil was greeted with a hostile “Shut up” instead of the usual “Good morning.”

I survived school and work better than I expected and managed to not flip out on anyone along the way.  I may have even pulled off cheerful.  I headed home to have dinner with Phil (pasties!  yum!).  Then, I started making fudge.

Fudge is complicated.  I’ve never really made candy before, so I confess I was a little nervous.  My first mistake was to confuse a dutch oven with a double boiler.  For those of you, who like me, do not know that there is a difference, I will explain.  A dutch oven is a lot like a regular pot…just bigger.  A double boiler places the pot of whatever you’re cooking over a pot of boiling water in order to keep it from cooking too quickly.

Now, I feel like I made the lesser of the two mistakes.  I am familiar with double boilers which cook things more slowly so that you don’t burn them.  I frequently use it for melting chocolate, and it works really well.  So, I started cooking the stuff for the candy in the double boiler.  However, as Phil soon informed me, I would never reach the desire temperature by cooking it this week.  I then turned to proper cooking method (using a pot instead of a dutch oven).  The fudge turned out great, but I was a little stressed by the whole ordeal.

The next morning, I overslept by two hours…meaning that I was half an hour late for work.  Fantastic.  I have kind co-workers.  The rest of the week went pretty well…parties and gifts with co-workers allowed for a break, and Phil finally finished his work for the semester.

The week ended with my graduation.  I was so excited!  After 4 and 1/2 years I’m (almost) done.  I just a have a little bit of work that will be wrapped up in January, but I’m so excited to be a graduate.  I’m ridiculously proud of my school as well.  Mom, Dad, all four grandparents, and the in-laws were all able to attend the ceremony which made it really special.  And of course my mom made me cry after the ceremony.  Her little girl is all grown up now, and while she’s ridiculously proud, she’s also a little sad of course.  The night ended with a lovely snowstorm that drove to the nearby Applebee’s for dinner followed by a night in playing video games.  But there are no complaints here.  I love those low-stress nights together.  I prayed for a snow day since Phil had the day off, but I was forced to venture out into the cold.  Oh well…

With the semester at an end, we’re finally able to relax a little.  Tomorrow, we’ll head out to pick out a Christmas tree and start decorating.  I can’t wait for the good times in the near future.  It’s been too crazy lately, and Phil and I really just need a little “us” time.  Of course, when doesn’t a couple need that?

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