When Life Gets in the Way of Us

Yesterday was supposed to be a great day.  We awoke unwilling to depart from our warm comfy bed.  We left our apartment with plans to come home for a quiet romantic evening together.  However, that evening was almost destroyed by the stresses of the day.

After work, I rushed to two store because I was in desperate need of chapstick.  Having had to face more trouble finding said chapstick than expected, I was a little irritated when I got home.  Before I reached the apartment, Phil called and dumped a whole load of “We will have basically no money for the next three months” on me.  Needless to say, I found this prospect to be less than exciting.  I made dinner though (tilapia with a lemon-garlic-butter sauce, rice, and cheesy vegetables).  When Phil arrived home, I was grumpy, unhappy about the insufficiency of our incomes and frustrated with the lack of a rest.

When dinner was finished, I settled in to read a little so that I could just wind down and hopefully improve my mood.  Unfortunately, my grumpiness was rubbing off on Phil.  He searched the house for note cards, lay on the couch, worked at his desk, and then starting making cappuccinos.  By this time, I was feeling relaxed and much happier.  We enjoyed a little quiet conversation over our coffee and then felt that it was time to head to bed.

As we climbed under the covers, I was expecting a little romance, but Phil seemed ready to fall asleep.  He confessed that now he was feeling a bit grumpy.  With a little encouragement, his mood also improved, and we fell asleep once again happy together.

It kills me when things come between us…things that are not related to how well we’re navigating our relationship…things that are simply just life.  I’m not terribly excited about tightening our belts for the upcoming months, but I know I can’t let that come between us.  I know we’ll find a way to make ends meet.  God will bless us if we trust Him, but that doesn’t always make all the frustration go away.  The biggest thing we have to do is not let life come between us.  This is what you sign up for when you get married.  For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer…and the nice thing is, God always gives both.

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