Snow Day

I’ve heard it called Snowstorm 2011, Winter Wallop, and even (as one friend put it) Snowpocolypse.  As college students, Phil and I don’t get many snow days.  Very rarely does a college campus close it’s doors for an entire day…unless required by law, perhaps.  As we listened to the build-up for Tuesday/Wednesday’s snowstorm, we debated whether or not we’d actually get a day off.  Then, when the universities cancelled classes a day in advance, we knew it might be bad.  Admittedly, I did not venture forth from my apartment at all yesterday, so I cannot vouch for the condition of the roads.  I only know that after the outrage caused by the snowstorm that fell on the last day of classes last semester, I’m not surprised at the university’s extra precaution.

So how did we spend our snow day?  Well, we began with a marathon of The Office episodes, checking in between to monitor the progress of the storm.  We eventually headed to bed, only to be awakened by several text messages updating Phil on the status of his place of employment.  In the morning, we cooked breakfast and watched a little TV.  When he set off in the afternoon, I set to work on baking bread (which I do roughly every other week), making a delicious beef stew, and baking biscuits.

In the evening, my school announced a second snow day…meaning that I lost not 6 hours of work, but 11 hours.  I don’t necessarily love working, but I do like being able to pay my bills….and if I don’t work, I don’t get paid.  Fortunately, Phil was able to pick up some extra hours since I won’t have the opportunity.  I’ll head back home in a little while to work on a little school work and then make tacos.

After two rather unproductive days, I would like to say that I really expected better of you, Snow Day.  Hopefully, you’ll be the last hoorah of winter.

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