Pillow Fights

I never realized that the Mars vs. Venus (men vs. women) differences would extend to something as mundane as pillow fights.  For a guy, a pillow fight consists of some sort of one-on-one pillow cage match in which the first to hit the floor loses.  For a girl, pillow fights are a playful tossing of pillows with no intent to injure or “win.”

This realization came as part of a ten-minute conversation in which Phil and I debated our interpretation of the idea “pillow fight.”  I suggested the pillow fight, but Phil immediately asked, “No headshots?”  I asked “Why?  How much could a pillow hurt?”  He responded, “A lot if you ball it up in the end of the case.”  Thus, in the hands of a boy, a pillow becomes a violent weapon, capable of taking out others at the knees or causing a solid whack to the head.

I had thought it would be fun, but I soon realized that it would probably end with me being knocked off the bed (which considering that our bed stands three feet off the ground, this would be quite a fall).  At the end of our conversation, I, of course, declared Phil to be crazy for thinking that a pillow fight could be such a violent thing.

2 thoughts on “Pillow Fights

  1. Phil and violent in the same sentence; not something I would’ve expected to see. You can take him Lauren. I have the utmost confidence in you.

  2. This is the problem with a college education. Who debates a pillow fight? It’s not an intellectual exercise. Just have the pillow fight and then have a real fight about who did what wrong.

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