Remodeling…sort of

Living in an apartment really limits the amount of rearranging one can really do in a place such as the kitchen.  We can’t tear everything out and start over…we can only shift things around slightly.

The other night, Phil pulled out the fridge because several sheets of coupons had fallen behind it.  In doing so, he realized that we could slide down the microwave and plug it in behind the fridge.  Then, we would have more counter space.  So, he proceeded to do this.

Unfortunately, our very tiny kitchen fits together like a jigsaw puzzle.  So, when the fridge stuck out just a little bit further because of the microwave cord, we could no longer open the dishwasher…which is bad.  What we did realize is that we could plug the microwave in where it has been all along and still slide it down to give us the same counter space.

So…why didn’t we think of this before?

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