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What’s Ahead

Phil and I are ever-so-slowly preparing to move in the next few months (like July or August).  The transition will be huge.  We currently live in a smallish city and are planning to move to the Big City.  I’ve never even been to said Big City, so apartment hunting has been a bit confusing to say the least…what are the good parts of town?  How far is that from potential jobs/schools?  What can we afford?

In addition, I’m attempting to get into a graduate school in the Big City.  However, I took a single class for an off-campus study in Canada, and the transcripts seem to be unable to cross the boarder…Lord only knows why.  So, we’ve requested them for the third and final time, and if they still don’t make it by the end of the week, I might be forced to take a road trip.  Phil said we could go five-pin bowling if we must drive to the school.  Great.  We’ll make a day of it.

I think I’m excited about all of this.  I’m a lot less frustrated than I was, but that doesn’t make all of this waiting any easier.

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