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Darkness, Light, and Sleeping Habits

Phil and I have spent the last two weeks house-/dog-sitting for his parents.  It was mostly exhausting, just because I did not sleep very well and our schedules were still crazy.  We had the weekends off because his brother and his wife came to stay, but other than that, we were away from home.  Some say, “Oh, it’s like a vacation!”  Hardly.  We had the same schedule with the added bonus of a dog and whole house to take care of.  His parents were great though.  They provided plenty of food for us to eat; all we had to buy were fruits and veggies.  So, in that sense, it wasn’t bad.  I mean, we had steak!

Saturday night, we came home for the night.  We watched The Fellowship of the Ring and then went to bed.  I had hoped for a good night’s sleep, but it wasn’t enough.  I woke up still exhausted and hurried to get ready for church.  I was so tired that I was just on the verge of tears all morning.  “Oh, pretty music.”  I cried.  “Such a good sermon.”  I cried.  Yeah, it was great.

Needless to say, we returned home and went straight back to bed.  But could either of us sleep?  No, not really.  Just as I began to finally doze off, Phil decided he couldn’t sleep.  He decided he would do some reading, so he grabbed a book and turned on the light by the bed….much to my chagrin.  Seriously???

I got over it, of course.  When we finally went to bed that night, Phil complained that I hadn’t turned to bathroom light off.  “I did turn it off.  That’s the nightlight.  It was already plugged in.”  This, to him, was unacceptable.  He got up and turned off the light that I could only faintly see at the other end of the hall.

So, wait…there can be absolutely no light when he’s trying to sleep, but if I’m sleeping, it’s totally cool to turn on the light “that’s not that bright” so he can read?!  Oh, the double standards….

One thought on “Darkness, Light, and Sleeping Habits

  1. As I said, if I were totally asleep (as I thought you were) the light wouldn’t have bothered me! If you were awake and trying to get to sleep I wouldn’t have turned the light on, but I thought you were asleep and would never even know!

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