Creepy Crawlers Revisited

With the changing of seasons comes the return of those evil beings that would like to share our residence–the silverfish.  A few days ago, I got up to get ready for work a few hours before Phil had to be up.  As I was picking up dirty clothes in the bathroom, one of the dreadful little critters surprised me, which led me to squeal…not scream, yell, or make a very loud noise.  I simply squealed in shock and disgust.

Unfortunately, I woke Phil who called to me urgently from bed, “What’s wrong?!”

“There was a bug.” (By this time, it had scurried back under the shower curtain…and I wasn’t chasing it.)

“Oh!” he replied, sounding relieved.  “I thought you’d burned yourself or needed to go to the hospital.”

Honestly, it was a squeal.

Later that day, I received a text: “I just killed a bug in the bathroom!”

My hero….

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