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The Preparations

You may remember that last year about this time Phil and I began making plans to move to Chicago. Yet due to a few setbacks, we delayed our move a year. It ended up being a good thing. Since then, I’ve received a GA position (aka all classes paid for plus a stipend!), and we’ve had a lot more time to really prepare. We’re set to go for this summer, and next month we’re heading down to find our new place.

Now, here comes the conflict. We’ll be moving from a roughly 700 square foot 1-bedroom apartment to probably a 300 to 400 square foot studio. That’s a decent amount of scaling down. Over the past few months, I’ve cleaned out my clothes, arts and craft supplies, books, etc. The more time I spend cleaning, the more I realize how unnecessary some of our stuff is. I’m more than happy to throw things out. Phil is a little more hesitant. He has the library of a much older man (three bookshelves worth to my one). We’re both musicians (electric guitar with amp, two acoustic guitars, twelve-string acoustic, bass guitar, and violin). A 200+ CD collection between the two of us. Not to mention, our gorgeous bed, seven piece bedroom set, desk w/ bookshelf, coffee table, end tables, dining room table and chairs….where is all this going to fit?

As we come to terms with the adjustments we must make, we find ourselves somewhat frustrated with each. I ask, “Why do you need to keep that?” He wonders, “Why are you trying to throw away all of my stuff?”

This should be fun.

One thought on “The Preparations

  1. So naturally your focus is on the eternal and synergistic purpose you’ve agreed to as “a cord of three strands” right ? Just reading this made me pain anew as I recall the 18 boxes to the trash, countless bags donated, selling a good off my coin collection, & horror of horrors, the bass, a couple trumpets, and yes both the upright and keyboard to make room for my new spouse – far more important and impossible to “repurchase at some future date” vs “the stuff”, God bless, pa

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