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Weddings Always Remind Me

Over the weekend, Phil and I attended the wedding of some very good friends–the first of two such weddings this summer. As we enjoyed the beautiful ceremony, I was reminded of our wedding, now almost two years ago. They had each written their vows (which were displayed at the reception). The groom was bursting with excitement to finally be marrying his beautiful bride. A young man and woman devoted to God celebrated their long-awaited union in marriage.

It reminded me of the amazing two years we’ve had together. It reminded me of our wedding day–how I cried all the way down the aisle, how we were both beaming after the ceremony, how we danced together. It was a such an incredibly beautiful day.

In less than a month, we’ll celebrate two years of marriage. In just over a month we’ll move to Chicago. It’s a time full of celebration, growth, and changes, and I can’t wait to see what amazing things God does for us and through us. I wish our friends well on this beautiful new adventure, and I look forward to what lies ahead for Phil and me.

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