Our New Home and Our New Couch

Last week, Phil and I finalized the details on our second-choice apartment. The first fell through because they felt that it was too small for two people (mind you, the one we’ll be living in is about 100 square feet smaller). So, while we’ll be living in a tighter space, we’ll be closer to work and campus. We’ll also have cheaper bills, so it seems to have worked out.

With such little space available, we’ve been determining what items we will part with and what items will make the trip to Chicago. Our couch, large and heavy, was the first on our list of let-gos. See image below:

Yet even though we were willing to part with it, we hoped we might replace it with something that would double as a bed for potential guests. So, with a tight budget, we set out for the wonderful land of Ikea. We went to look at a tiny little love seat that folded out into a bed. It wasn’t ideal. The color didn’t really match the decor we have, and it was a bit small. But it was reasonably priced! So we went to look at it. What we found was even smaller than I had imagined, and the bed it produced wasn’t promising.

We allowed ourselves to wander through the section a little longer. What we found was this little beauty:

It was also available in black. It was definitely outside our price range ($499 compared to the little couch’s $149), but it was so perfect! It makes a rather comfortable double bed, and not a bad couch either.

We knew we couldn’t afford it, but we made plans to revisit it under better financial conditions. We make our way through the rest of the store, enjoying all of the wonder that is Ikea. Finally, we made our way to the exit (after I got lost several times). On the way out of the store, we encountered the “As-Is” Clearance section. What can it hurt, right?

So, we wander over, and what do we find but our beautiful red couch marked 50% off because two of the pillows were missing. A mere two pillows! At $249, we knew it was a steal and a God-send. We snatched it right up of course…except that “snatching up” an as-is item requires first moving it through the check out line completely assembled and then disassembling it to fit into our Grand Prix. Awesome.

But my enthusiasm was not to be deterred–and Phil’s kind of a rock star when it comes to loading things into cars…like the time he filled his Stratus with enough lumber to build our bed:

Or the time he and his dad put a bookshelf in our car, and it wouldn’t come back out. So, needless to say, we got it in (and later out):

It’s the little things, like finding the perfect couch, that always remind me of how God blesses. We’re in a good place.

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