Busy-ness and Beauty

Things are slowly but surely coming together in our “Little Old Shoebox,” and I hope to have pictures of our “settled” apartment up soon. I can’t wait until the time when we can actually just enjoy being home together instead of feeling frustrated about the mess everything is.

Part of the delay has been due to our work schedules (particularly Phil’s) which have been a bit crazy. Moving expenses took a toll on our savings, and as we work toward regaining more stable financial footing, Phil has been working as many hours as possible all over the city. I miss him like crazy, but I am so grateful for a hard working husband. We’re doing pretty well, and we’re getting back into the groove of how to manage our money.

Even with our hectic schedules, visits from friends and family have given us the opportunity to explore some of the beauty of Chicago. A visit from a former coworker allowed us to show off our favorite restaurant and check out a local cupcake place. You can check out her blog here. We also got to visit Willis Tower’s Skydeck, and we got some great pictures (more to be posted later).

It was incredibly beautiful, but even better is the view for free just looking down Clark Street.

It still amazes me that we actually live here. On our way back to Michigan for a weekend, we had some great views of Chicago’s skyline, and to think that we now call this city home! We are truly blessed and finding our place in this incredible city.

3 thoughts on “Busy-ness and Beauty

  1. Ok, now we definitely have to come visit after looking at all the food pictures! And I thought that the view from Willis Tower looked familiar. I didn’t realize the Sears Tower was renamed. Fun city!

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