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Five Months, and Still Here

Since it’s been five months since I last wrote anything, you may have guessed that my classes are a bit all-consuming. I admit that I did have a month and a half off between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, but it was filled with travelling, working, and trying to restore order to our beloved but tiny apartment.

We’ve been here just over six months at this point. You might think that we would have completely settled in…but you’d be wrong. The lifestyle, the hectic schedule, the vastly different modes of transportation–these we’ve become accustomed to. But three or four boxes still sit unpacked under our table, and I still don’t quite feel “moved in.” We are in a much better place than we were a few weeks ago. Our week-long trip home and our preparation for Internet installation both motivated additional cleaning and de-cluttering, but I’m still ashamed of the state our little home is in. Someday, I will completely force the dishes into submission and we will be able to use our kitchen table for eating…I hope. Until then, we will continue to eat most of our meals on the couch and wash dishes until we just can’t take anymore.

But aside from the chaos in which we make our home, I am incredibly happy in Chicago. I love it here, and I am amazed by the ways that God continues to provide for us. We are grateful for a new, loving church family that has supported us, good jobs where we enjoy our work, and a chance to be a part of this vibrant, beautiful city. Chicago is slowly becoming our home-sweet-home, and we look forward to the next year and half that we get to spend here.

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