Beyond Married

So, after three years, I’m returning to my long-forgotten blog. What has kept me away? Shall we review?

  • 2.5 years of grad school: I graduated in March of last year with my MA, and I couldn’t be happier about my time in the program and the job I now have.
  • Baby Number 1: During my second year of grad school, Phil and I welcomed Isaac. He’s now a rambunctious, mischievous, yet affectionate two-year-old.
  • Baby Number 2: We welcomed our sweet baby girl Rosie eighteen months later. She’s a sweet, giggly seven-month-old who is beginning to explore her world.

So, with this now family of four, I’ve been a little busy. I feel very blessed by it all, and pretty overwhelmed too. But I also feel ready to do something more. To write, reflect, and share what I’m learning at this new stage of my life.

For a few weeks, I’ve been trying to find my way back into blogging. Does this blog still fit me? Should I start something new? But the truth is that I love Why I Got Married. This place has become special to me, and much of why I got married is at the core of what I want to explore here.

So, I’ll continue to explore the joys of marriage (because let’s be honest, kids bring their own changes and challenges to said joys), and I hope to deepen that to include my faith in relation to my family. But I also want to have space for some of my creative pursuits, so for now, you’ll find posts related to those via the ‘Creative Pursuits’ link in the menu bar.

Thanks for reading so far. I hope you’ll stick with me.

Photo courtesy of Carley Brewington Photography.


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