New Weekly Feature: The Reading List

In building my reading list over the past few weeks, I’ve decided to make my reflections and updates a weekly feature on the blog.

As I’ve mentioned before, I usually have multiple books going at once. I’ve realized that I need a system for knowing what to read next (because I want to read all the books) and how to keep multiple books straight (because life’s too short to read one book at a time, right?). So, based on how well my current system is going, here’s how I intend to organize my three-book system:

  1. A modern Christian read
  2. Something philosophical or an older Christian read
  3. Something lighter or fiction

Currently, Keller’s Prayer and Sproul’s The Consequences of Ideas fulfill the first two categories and are a little heavier while Hatmaker’s For the Love fills the third. My hope is that this structure will make it easy to keep which is which straight and will give me variety in my reading life. In addition, I reflect on what I’m reading as I write here and in a personal journal. For more info on what I’m reading (or want to read), you can check out what’s new on the Reading List or follow me on Goodreads.

Got a book I should read? Please share in the comments!

One thought on “New Weekly Feature: The Reading List

  1. Thank you for these recommendations! I’ll be looking for these in my local library. I’m currently enjoying “Brewster’s Millions” written in 1903…just for fun.

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